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What glycans bind to my protein?

If you have access to a crystal structure of a carbohydrate bound to a protein, this tool will use that single co-complex as a basis for predicting which other similar glycans are also likely to bind to the same protein.


This tool uses carbohydrate grafting [1,2] to build 3D structures of glycan-protein structures. The tool can predict which glycans among a group that all share a common motif are likely to bind to a given protein known to recognize that motif. A motif is typically two or three monosaccharides.

1. Grant, et al. Glycobiology (2016) 26, 772–783
2. Grant, et al. Glycobiology (2016) 26, 1027–1028


Specificity Prediction
Predict the glycans that bind to a protein with a known 3D co-structure.

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